Electronics and Electrical Industry

The world's appetite for electronic devices - from simple household appliances to sophisticated computers - has led to rapid growth of both these industries.

Typically for the electronics industry, there are large waste gas streams (up to 400,000 Nm³/h) with relatively low concentrations of different solvents. The waste gases mainly occur in coating, cleaning and etching processes during the production of semiconductors, CDs/DVDs, Blue-ray discs, DVTs, TFT-LCD and plasma displays. The electronics industry has important standards to meet regarding environmental protection. CTP complies with these requirements: From zero emission goals, to installations on the roofs of production facilities.

The electrical industry produces waste gases from dryers, kilns, and coating machines that occur in the production of basic elements such as motherboards, or end products such as motors or neon tubes. CTP has developed interesting applications and solutions in air pollution control in this industry.

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