Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

CTP systems can be found in every leading production company: thanks to the experience and the expertise developed in partnership with our customers for processes with inconsistent waste gas volumes, varying concentrations of organic components, gases contaminated with aerosols.

Different processes and applications pose tough challenges for air pollution control in this industry:

  • Processing of natural gas and petrochemical substances for the production of polymerisation plastics (HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, PS, ABS etc.)
  • Production of derivatives (e.g. Ethylenoxide)
  • Production of synthetic resin, varnishes, paints, composite materials
  • Production of fine chemicals and basic chemical substances (MSA, PSA, urea, formaldehyde etc.)

CTP supplies this industry with mainly catalytic systems, regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTO) and adsorbers. As the flue gases in this industry are often explosive mixtures, CTP systems have to be completed with special safety conduits and filters to help reduce hazards during continued operation.  



CTP sold its first air pollution control system (catalytic oxidizer) to a Swedish chemical company back in 1985. Ever since CTP supplied more than 200 systems in the chemical and petrochemical industry for most diverse applications.