Regenerative CO

  • Highest thermal efficiency
  • Constant high cleaning efficiency – also for oxygen-poor gases
  • Extremely energy-saving
  • Easy access to catalyst modules
  • Very compact system: low footprint


The AutoKAT combines the advantages of regenerative thermal oxidation with those of catalytic oxidation. The AutoKAT is a very cost-effective alternative for well understood waste streams. Existing RTO systems can be upgraded to an AutoKAT.



  • Maximum cleaning efficiency 
  • CTP's own high peformance honeycomb catalysts treating
    • a wide variety of hydrocarbons (e.g. alkanes (>C4), olefins, aromatics, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, organic acids)
    • carbon monoxide
    • ammonia
  • CTP’s honeycomb ceramic heat exchanger
    • Very high thermal efficiency 
    • Very low operating costs
  • Cleaning of gases with low oxygen content (residual oxygen content <0.5% vol.)
  • Extremely low autothermal point of <500 mg/Nm3
  • High availability
    • Weatherproof installation of instrumentation and heating system
    • Field proven advanced software
  • Pre-assembled delivery
  • Excellent accessibility
  • High standardization
  • Oxidation without formation of NOx (e.g. removal of ammonia-NH3)
  • Flexibility of left or right inlet/outlet connections


Available options:

  • Electric heating or gas burner
  • Hot bypass
  • Raw gas preheating
  • Automatic cleaning
  • LEL safeguard
  • Residual oxygen control
  • Pressure peak reduction

How it works