Coating and Printing

Flexible materials, laminates and folding boxes made of paper, plastic and aluminium are being used for the packaging of various consumer goods. Printing methods for these applications vary from flexography and rotogravure, heat set offset printing, illustration-gravure and screen-printing to offset process for printing cartons.  

CTP's developments for various applications for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone in this industry range from conventional regenerative thermal oxidisers (RTO) to adsorption techniques. Recirculation, as well as the monitoring of concentrations (catalytic, especially infrared) is an important additional feature.

CTP's competence is proven by the sheer number of systems installed worldwide. The waste gas flows range from approx. 5.000 to 250.000 Nm³/h.   


CTP’s air treatment systems can be found in diversified production processes from blood-sugar test strips to knife and wire coating up to Austria’s famous energy drink cans.