Food Industry

Quality of life and well-being are, more than ever, important issues for consumers. Today, all food manufacturers are committed to increasing the nutritional value of their products, while constantly improving the taste. Their innovations require continuously inventive solutions in air pollution control.

The field of applications for CTP's air purification systems in the food industry are many and varied; from staples to luxury foods, drinks (fruit juices), tobacco,  additives and preservatives for industrial food processing as well as end products such as crispbreads, cocoa, coffee and even fermentation processes.
CTP systems purify waste gases from ovens, dryers and roasting processes that range from 5.000 to 280.000 Nm³/h.



In  one of the bread-baking processes, for example, excess heat coming from the RTO (clean-gas) is being used for heating the surrounding buildings in the village.