• Maximum cleaning efficiency
  • High longevity
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Lowest energy consumption


The VOXcube purifies organic (VOC) and specific inorganic pollutants in the waste gas. The system is suitable for flow rates up to 125.000 Nm³/h, with a wide variety of concentrations and contaminants. For waste gas temperatures from -20°C up to +350°C.


  • Maximum cleaning efficiency 
  • Flexibility in the heat exchanger design:
    • High thermal efficiency
    • Low pressure drop (<30 mbar)
  • High safety standards
    • Fail-safe programmable logic controller (PLC)
    • Selected sensors with safety integrity level (SIL) classification
  • High availability
    • Field proven advanced software
  • Pre-assembled delivery
  • Excellent accessibility
  • High standardization
  • Automatic adjustment to variable operating conditions
  • Compact lightweight construction
  • Flexibility of inlet/outlet gas connections

Available options:

  • Multifuel burner
  • Gas and liquid injection
  • Electrical heating
  • Hot bypass
  • Online bake-out
  • Integrated raw gas preheating
  • Special insulations and coatings
  • Heat recovery
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Lower explosion limit (LEL) safeguard
  • Residual oxygen control
  • Pressure peak reduction
  • Nitrous oxide purification
  • Double gaskets with block air
  • Preconcentration with adsorber
  • Smoothing bed
  • Prefilter
  • Aerosol filter
  • Pre- and post scrubber

How it works