Particulate matter, halogens and aerosols


Particulate matter, halogens and aerosols

Example: production of anodes for aluminium smelters as well as electronic industry (TFT-LCD)

Similar tasks: Carbon and graphite industry, smelting of aluminium, coating of metals

An anode producer has several ring furnaces to stabilize the anodes by carbonization for later processing in a melting bath. The hot exhaust gases pass through double walls in between the anodes where the gases are contaminated. The purification is done in a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). The waste gases also contain particulate matter, aerosols and halogenous hydro-carbons. This requires a specially constructed RTO, combustible pre-filters for the particulate matter, as well as a downstream absorber to remove inorganic fluorides. The absorber uses a packed bed of limestone which is regenerated with a peeling drum. The loaded grain surface is removed through the peeling process and the residual limestone is redirected to the fixed bed.

In the electronics industry, when producing TFT-LCD screens, aerosols occur. Redundant regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO), with continuous combustion, purify these aerosols. The liquid aerosols are collected in pre-filters and then disposed of. Collectors installed after the filters, the main blowers and before the RTO entry, guarantee complete dependability as these collectors can affect automatic switching between blower groups. Additionally, the installation has a pressure compensator on the product side to comply with tight fluctuation tolerances.
Conclusion: Without CTP's innovative upstream systems, regenerative thermal oxidation would not be possible, which would render the waste gas purification cost-intensive and inefficient. Continuous burning off in the RTOs eliminates the deposits which periodically clog the ceramic honeycomb blocks.

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