Rotary adsorber

  • Very high cleaning efficiency
  • Patented recirculation of the desorption gas (high concentration factor of up to 1:20)
  • No pressure peaks
  • Low investment and operating costs


CTP’s solution for continuous control of lean waste streams at room temperature. The RotorSorb achieves an optimal cleaning efficiency of organic pollutants, and low operating costs.



  • Concentration factor up to 1:25 
  • Very high cleaning efficiency (up to 98%)
  • Highest concentration factors by recycled desorption air (recirculation)
  • Lowest operating costs in combination with RTO
  • Autothermal operation above 220 mg/Nm³ possible
  • Low pressure drop (5 to 8 mbar)
  • Recovery of excess energy for preheating of desorption air
  • Regenerative rotary concentrators for high boilers (bake-out-capable or washable)
  • Possible combination with all oxidation systems


Available options:

  • Different zeolites in one wheel
  • Mixing chamber for energy optimized desorption
  • Aerosol precipitator
  • Dust collector
  • Rotor wheel washing device
  • LEL safeguard

How it works