• Highest flexibility and possibility for extension
  • Combination of proven RTO technology with catalytic denoxification in one system
  • Combined VOC, CO, N2O and NOx treatment
  • Highly effective SCR catalyst operated at optimum temperature
  • SCR catalyst does not come into contact with the raw gas (no danger of fouling by aerosols and high boiling substances like soot or tar)

The perfect CTP-solution for a combined cleaning of organic pollutants (RTO) and nitrogen oxides (SCR) at high efficiencies. The RTO-i-SCR is suitable for flow rates up to 300.000 Nm³/h at raw gas temperatures up to +200°C



  • Highest VOC cleaning efficiency 
  • Highest NOx cleaning efficiency 
  • Flexibility in the heat-exchanger design, adapted to the optimum operating range of the SCR catalyst:
    • High thermal efficiency 
    • Low pressure-loss (20 to 50 mbar)
  • Low operating costs
  • Specifically designed for the respective application
  • Free choice of the auxiliary fuel (possible restrictions regarding the SCR-catalyst)
  • Free choice of the reducing agent


Available options:

  • Multifuel burner
  • Gas- or liquid injection
  • Electric heating
  • Bake-out
  • Integrated raw gas preheating
  • Integrated washing device
  • Special insulations and coatings
  • SNCR

How it works