Fixed bed adsorber

  • Especially for discontinuous waste gas streams
  • Energy efficient
  • Small footprint
  • Quick installation


The VOXsorbTherm system has been developed especially for lean VOC concentration (<200 mgVOC/Nm³) and periodically occurring waste gas streams. The system is regenerated in place by an accompanying oxidation system.



  • Highest cleaning efficiency during adsorption for large flow rates (>98%)
  • Maximum cleaning efficiency during desorption for small flow rates (>99.5%)
  • Low operating costs during adsorption and regeneration
    • Small pressure drop during adsorption
    • Low energy consuming design of desorption process
  • Compact design
  • Pre-assembled for delivery
  • Use of different adsorbents


Available options:

  • Continuous adsorption possible with multiple adsorption modules
  • Residual oxygen control during desorption
  • Based on all oxidation systems

How it works