• Highest flexibility and adaptability
  • Proven in the most complex applications
  • Extremely tight valves
  • Rugged design
  • Tailor-made


The perfect CTP solution for applications with particulate, sticky condensate or corrosive components in the waste gas but also for aerosol treatment by means of special 4- and 6-bed design. The AutoTherm is suitable for flow rates up to 420.000 Nm³/h, independent of the concentration and the nature of the contaminants. For waste gas temperatures from -20°C up to +400°C.



  • Maximum cleaning efficiency 
  • Flexibility in the heat exchanger design:
    • High thermal efficiency
    • Low pressure drop (<30 mbar)
  • Flexible multi-bed design
    • Adaptable for high flow rates
    • Customized for each application
    • Special 4- and 6-bed design with extra tower for frequent bake-out necessity
  • Poppet valves with block air
  • High safety standard
    • Fail-safe PLC
    • Selected sensors with SIL classification
  • High availability
    • Field proven advanced software
  • Low operating costs
  • Automatic adjustment to variable operating conditions
  • Many fuel choices


Available options:

  • Mulitfuel burner
  • Gas and liquid injection
  • Electric heating
  • Hot and cold bypass
  • Online bake-out
  • Integrated raw gas preheating
  • Separate raw gas preheating
  • Heat recovery
  • Special insulations and coatings
  • Automatic cleaning
  • LEL safeguard
  • Residual oxygen control
  • Pressure peak reduction
  • Nitrous oxide purification
  • Double gaskets with block air
  • Preconcentration with adsorber
  • Smoothing bed
  • Prefilter
  • Aerosol filter
  • Pre- and post scrubber

How it works