Oil and Gas

Few industries attract the attention of the public as does the oil & gas industry with its related strategic products (basic materials for the chemical, pharmaceutical, varnish and cosmetics industries). The bringing of oil and gas from their original sources to the consumer, into their final forms, represents one of the most complex chains in the quest to add value to raw materials.

CTP has successfully developed integrated system solutions for different fields of application such as the purification of waste gases in processing and cleaning natural and technical gases, manufacturing processes in the oil industry and in refineries.   

Further references to CTP's expertise can be found in loading and unloading processes (tank terminals). CTP air purification systems are also applied to the conditioning of raw materials for the petrochemical industry, as well as for chemical raw materials, and the disposal of by-products. 

CTP is especially knowledgeable in the treatment of by-products, such as hydrocarbons resulting from pre-separators and screening houses (in the waste water treatment).

Another achievement has been the removal of a visible flame from a flare during the cleaning of natural gas in compliance with low lighting limits. 

The waste gas volumes treated by CTP in this industry range from 3.000 to 50.000 Nm³/h.


Already in the late nineties tank-terminal projects prepared the ground for CTP’s technology to be introduced in South-Korea. 
Reference installations in this industry can, however, also be found in South-Africa and Australia besides the European continent.