Recuperative SCR

  • Maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Low operating costs
  • Optimal injection and distribution of the reduction agent
  • For low dust applications
  • Small footprint


CTP’s SCR systems are used in industrial processes with a wide variety of gas volumes and NOx concentrations. These systems are also suitable for increased particulate content.



  • Maximum cleaning efficiency 
  • Effective tube shell heat exchanger (>75%)
  • Minimal ammonia slip by accurate and fast control unit
  • Injection with special nozzles
  • High availability
    • Weatherproof installation of instrumentation and heating system
    • Field proven advanced software
  • Low reaction temperature
  • Residue-free reduction of the pollutants to N2 and H2O
  • Robust catalyst resistant to the effects of poisons and dust


Available options:

  • Choice of reduction agent (ammonia, urea, cyanuric acid)
  • Electric heating or gas burner
  • High temperature particle filter
  • Heat recovery
  • Horizontal and vertical configuration

How it works