Sorptive Systems


Sorptive Systems


Proven adsorption and absorption technologies

For treating large waste gas volumes with low contaminant concentrations as well as for concentration peaks or batch processing but also for the removal of inorganic components CTP relies on adsorption and absorption technologies.

For example rotary adsorbers are used to concentrate a large flow with low contaminant concentration to a much smaller, highly concentrated waste gas stream.

CTP’s single or multiple fixed beds adsorb contaminant peaks and highly variable concentrations and then desorb them in a downstream oxidation system.

For the removal of inorganic components, contaminants such as acids (HCl, HF), sulfur dioxide (SO2), organic pollutants (e.g. PCDD/DF) or heavy metals are accumulated on the sorbent which is removed efficiently in a downstream collector. Another possibility is the combination of a quench from where the cooled gas is directed to a scrubbing chamber in which the pollutants interact with the scrubbing solution.