Recycling and Waste Management

Due to the continuous rise in the waste volumes worldwide it is essential constantly to seek alternatives to landfills and waste incineration: one suitable approach is bio-mechanical waste treatment.

Apart from waste management, applications for air purification systems in this field range from soil remediation to sewage sludge drying in waste water treatment, as well as to the recycling of resources and their possible re-introduction. 

CTP has successfully patented suitable solutions such as combining several systems (regenerative thermal oxidation systems - RTO - combined with catalytic systems), especially for the removal of odorous gases such as ammonia, and other organic compounds in the processing of animal waste products. CTP also provides options for conventional cleaning systems such as a specifically designed biogas burner for bio-mechanical waste applications, and mobile catalytic systems used for soil remediation which we also hire out.   

The waste gas flows in the waste & disposal sector, as well as the soil remediation, range from small (400 Nm³/h) to big (90.000 Nm³/h).


The first CTP PCDD/F removal system based on CTP honeycomb design was installed at a copper recycling production process in Austria.