Hybrid RTO

Hybrid RTO


  • Combines the advantages of the RTO technology with the direct thermal oxidation (TO)
  • Injection of high caloric raw gas and/or liquids
  • Higher cleaning efficiency due to direct injection
  • Flexible and energy-efficient operation adapted to injection
  • Highest flexibility and possibility for extension


The perfect CTP-solution for combined cleaning of low laden organic waste gas flows and high caloric off gas and/or liquids even without LEL protection. The Hybrid-RTO is especially suitable for small flows at concentrations > LEL, which occur continuously or discontinuously. Design of the raw gas injection is possible in ATEX.



  • Highest cleaning efficiency even for 2-bed design by direct injection
  • Flexible combination of exhaust gas injection and liquid injection by means of the well-known CTP heating systems
  • Flexibility in heat-exchanger design:
    • High thermal efficiency
    • Low pressure drop (17 - 29 mbar)
  • Low operating costs
  • Specifically designed for the respective application


Available options:

  • Multifuel burner
  • Gas- and liquid injection
  • Electric heating
  • Bake-out
  • Integrated raw-gas preheating
  • Integrated washing device
  • Special insulations and coatings
  • Heat recovery