Several waste gas streams


Several waste gas streams

Several waste gas streams: Short, high concentration peaks and a constant medium concentration

Example: production of synthetic resin

Similar tasks: chemical industry, batch processes in the pharmaceutical and plastics industry

The production of high quality synthetic resin for marine paints and varnishes, coatings and repair materials, involves different waste gas streams. In addition to waste gas with a medium level of contamination, there is also a highly contaminated waste gas which occurs temporarily and rapidly. The concentrations can reach explosive ranges. A balloon tank collects these waste gas peaks. This flexible tank releases the highly contaminated waste gas evenly, and over a longer period of time, into the combustion chamber of the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO). Thus, the highly concentrated gas given off is not only disposed of but also serves as an additional combustible.

The process also generates liquid waste (phenolic resin and water mix) which is injected into sedimentation tanks. The separating layer in the tanks is specially designed and guarantees an ideal composition, without segregation of the components, for the CTP burner which, itself, supports the oxidation process of the RTO.  

Conclusion: Concentration peaks and liquid waste posed a tough challenge on the air pollution control system. With the CTP solution, this waste is not only disposed of but also reduces the burner energy considerably.

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